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Barry Hilton

Barry is one of the UK’s most successful artists. His landscapes express emotion and atmosphere with the use of bold blocks of colour and dramatic textures while his more muted harbour scenes have an understated but no less intense impact. He has many inspirations but one of his main inspiration sources are the moorland, harbours and rivers in the north of England where he lives. His words on when his inspiration hit;

"That started some years back. I spend a lot of time in the countryside and I can remember when rapeseed came in and I saw a field of incredible yellow flowers against a black, stormy sky. I’ve never lost that image and the concept really infiltrated my imagination. This contrast between light and dark, calm and storm, is absolutely central to every piece I paint.”

He uses colour as a tool to interpret a scene, using vibrant shades along with more dark and demure shades. Over the years he has painted many memorable landscapes featuring what he calls his ‘moody’ skies. He does not focus on duplicating the realistic colours of the landscape, but instead focuses on the creative imagination of a genuine and artistic talent.

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