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James Klinge

After graduating Art College with a degree in Illustration and Printmaking, Glasgow born James Klinge realised that his career would be much preferable as an artist rather than an illustrator. In hind sight he always knew that.His work is primarily figurative studies working with intricate and detailed hand cut stencils and since dropping his pseudonym "Klingatron" in 2016 there has been a clear development in his style and approach to painting. James decribes the process of creating his work as an unconscious experience for he does not sketch out paintings but attacks the canvas with stricking blows of expressive marks in the moment of creation. This expressive quality in his paintings compliments the intense detail he captures from the use of his stencils which are only used once and destroyed once a unique an individual painting has been completed.

Over the past 12 years James has managed to build a career that has allowed him to work with global brands and exhibit his work across the UK in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol and London as well as internationally in several cities in Australia.

We are delighted to be working with James here at Robertson Fine Art. Should you have any questions with regards to commissions please do email us at: 

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