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Wonder Woman (Black and White) - LAST ONE REMAINING by JJ Adams

Wonder Woman (Black and White) - LAST ONE REMAINING by JJ Adams

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Wonder Woman (Black and White) by JJ Adams

EDITION OF 95 + 10 AP's
IMAGE SIZE: 30" x 24"
FRAMED SIZE: 41.5" x 35.5"
PRICE: £595

Price inclusive of Framing


JJ's Hidden Gems

Let's look at all of 'JJ's Hidden Gems' in the brand new 'Wonder Woman' print, available in both black and white and colour versions, and all the details in this image definitely pack a right good punch!

First thing to jump out at us right away is the tattoo on her right arm - a portrait of a man. The closer you look the more you will see - the blue and red outfit he's wearing and the slicked back hair.... It's Superman of course. This correlates perfectly with the brand new lenticular 'Is It a Bird, Is It a Plane..' where you will see Chris Reeves as Superman sporting a full length tattoo of Wonder Woman on his forearm also. The two characters have typically been depicted as love interests throughout their history, as they share similar superhuman traits which both elevate and isolate them from normal humans. This is not the first time JJ has suggested a romantic link between two characters in his artwork - in 'The Morning After' you will find He-Man adorning some familiar bunny ears and on his chest you can read 'Call Me, Jessica' below a kiss mark. Who's Jessica?! Well.. if you take a closer look at Dirty Disney II you will see Jessica Rabbit wearing those very same bunny ears! This very much suggests a romantic link - or at the very least a wild night out between the two!

There are the more obvious tattoo's like a huge KAP-OW! sign on her hand and 'BACK OFF' spelled out on her knuckles which are clear references to her superhero characteristics. You will also spy the beginning of a 'PowerPuff Girls' inking on her arm. Again, these are another trio of bad-ass cartoon girls who fight crime and were role models for lots of kids out there. In the cartoon 'SuperFriends' the Powerpuff Girls' actually save Wonder Woman and Aqua Man from a very sticky situation - so their paths have crossed before too!

The famous 'Spider Web' tattoo that you will spot here and also in so many of JJ's works - including 'The Morning After', his very first Audrey Hepburn creation and 'Spiderpool' to name but a few. The Tattoo always appears on the elbow because it is in fact one of JJ's very own tattoo's around his own elbow!

She is also sporting a tattoo under her cuff which you can just make out to be the word 'Perfect' - this could be because Lynda Carter really has been praised as the perfect Wonder Woman - so much so that she's even received her own Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

The last thing we want to discuss is Wonder Woman's cuffs and headband - which JJ has given a little upgrade to designer, and Louis Vuitton to be exact. Luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Givenchy, along with mass-market retailers have all created products inspired by the 75-year-old character. Wonder Woman is a pioneer in many ways including being a fashion icon because of her strong associations with female empowerment and resilience!

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