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Original Calling At Castle Stalker by JJ Adams

Original Calling At Castle Stalker by JJ Adams

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Title: Calling At Castle Stalker

Artist: JJ Adams

Medium: Original Mixed Media on Canvas

The JJ Adams 'Just Visiting - The Scottish Tour' Collection is a unique idea created by JJ Adams and Robertson Fine Art to create 3 separate original artworks in varying sizes and differing levels of complexity.

Large - 54" x 39" Framed Size - The Most Complex Artwork

Medium - 40.5" x 30" Framed Size -  Removals: - Landed spaceship on the island, crashed ship in the sea, some Graffiti on the castle. Say No To invaders on the grass.

Small - 27" x 20.5" Framed Size - Removals - All BUT 1 flying saucer in the sky, bagpiper, tags



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