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A Love Outlawed (Robin Hood) by Mark Davies

A Love Outlawed (Robin Hood) by Mark Davies

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Title: A Love Outlawed (Robin Hood)

Artist: Mark Davies

Medium: Edition on Paper


Image Size: 29" x 26"

Framed Size Approx: 36" x 33"

Edition Size: 45



(Hand Embellished With Deckled Edge)

Image Size  - 29” x 22"

Framed Size – 42” x 34"

Edition Size: 10


"My interpretation of the classic Robin Hood tales that have been portrayed through some of my favourite books and the big screen. This piece shows my intention for this body of work where we focus on the lead characters and convey a strong emotion through them that expands on my concept for the piece.
In this instance we see two horses taking the lead within the composition, the white horse being Robin Hood and the other Marian. The interaction between them is really beautiful and powerful, symbolising their love for one another, at first it seems playful and innocent until you notice a particular detail, the arrow in her side which  changes everything.
The title for this piece suggests that their love is not embraced and their relationship outlawed, stealing a moment within the forest that doesn’t go unnoticed, a risk that they were prepared to take in the name of love. The detailing within the forest conveys this darkened element to the narrative and the brutal nature of the battles that rage around them, it is then up to you to decide Marian’s fate."

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