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Harrods by JJ Adams

Harrods by JJ Adams

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Harrods by JJ Adams


EDITION OF 95 + 10 AP's
IMAGE SIZE: 37.5" x 16.5"
FRAMED SIZE: 51.5 x 27.5

PRICE: £575

Price inclusive of Framing

JJ's Hidden Gems

We delve into the amazing 'Harrods' which is a sensational mix of the old and the new. The transition from a very 'Victorian' style into modern day is an obvious reference to the history of the long standing department store - which was established in 1834.

Harrods was the first department store to acquire a 'Moving Staircase' or an escalator as we now know them today and JJ also makes light of this in a poster in the window.

There's a number of humorous references to the more 'extravagant' items that Harrods have on display- but the most extravagant in all of it's history would have to be the sales of exotic animals to the rich and wealthy from their pet store, until it closed in 2014. And we don't mean exotic animals like lizards and parrots... we mean lions, elephants and panthers!

As this work is another addition to JJ's incredible 'Rule Britannia' series, you would of course expect to see the Queen peeking in at the store front, Churchill in his taxi giving us his 'V for Victory' sign - which is from a previous piece 'Jolly Holiday' , and, if you look closely enough, the ghost of Diana appearing in the top right window. There is also a note on the shop front over to the left which states 'Ol Jack Twas Ere' - a mention to Jack The Ripper.

There's also reference to some of JJ's other works including an 'Oxo Cube' poster stuck on the side of the taxi, which also appears on R2D2 in a previous work -and of course if you are a BIG JJ Adams fan you'll have spotted a much earlier piece 'Dave' the in the bottom right shop window! 

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