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Kylie Minogue (Black and White) by JJ Adams

Kylie Minogue (Black and White) by JJ Adams

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Kylie Minogue (Black and White) by JJ Adams

EDITION OF 50 + 5 AP's

IMAGE SIZE: 30" x 24"
FRAMED SIZE: 41.5" x 35.5"
PRICE: £540

Price inclusive of Framing

JJ's Hidden Gems

We will delve deeper into JJ's tribute to one of today's biggest Pop Icon's - 'Kylie Minogue'!

The lady herself turned 50 this year and this classic tattooed portrait really encompasses all of her success over the years, and the many things that have come to make her the world famous pop we now today - so let's inspect the hidden details a little further!

Kylie's tattoos might look at first glance like decoration - but we know that in true JJ form they are all related in some way. The first is a red devil tattooed across her left shoulder - a reference to her hit 'Better The Devil You Know' released in 1990. The rose tattoo's on her right shoulder relate to her hit with Nick Cave 'Where The Wild Roses Grow' released in 1996. She is also sporting a microphone on her forearm - for obvious reasons! One of Kylie's top selling hits is the catchy 'I Should Be So Lucky' and this is illustrated in a 'Lucky' tattoo on her wrist and if you look closely enough you will also see her date of birth appear just below her hand 28.05.1968.

There are also some very cleverly located references to Kylie which may not be so obvious at first. You'll probably be so busy gazing at this beautiful portrait that you might not see what appears in the background behind her? 'Ramsay Street' sign posted - the famous street from Neighbours. Of course you had to give a nod to the place where her career all began as Charlene Robinson! 'For All My Lovers ' appears tattooed on her finger - and 'Lovers' is the term Kylie has sweetly nicknamed her fandom! Below this tattoo is a huge disco ball-esque style ring... and we all know Kylie loves a disco!

The G-A-Y tattoo on her hand also makes light of all the incredible work that Kylie has done for Pride charities over the years and her massive following from the LBGT community. Some would even call Kylie a 'Gay Icon' and this year she performed at the G-A-Y nightclub in London for their 25th Anniversary. She also performed there way back in 1993 when the club first opened!

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