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Move Along (Star Wars) by JJ Adams
Move Along (Star Wars) by JJ Adams

Move Along (Star Wars) by JJ Adams

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Title: Move Along

Artist: JJ Adams

Approx Image Size: 30" x 24"

Approx Framed Size: 41" x 35"

Edition Size: 95 + 10AP's

Medium: Signed Limited Edition on Paper




Wow... where do we even begin?! This image is absolutely bursting with clever and thoroughly entertaining references.. and spotting them is somewhat like finding a whole bunch of diamonds in the rough - in true JJ Adams style, the more you look the more you see! We imagine a lot of you will have been literally jumping up and down with joy to watch this one be unveiled last Saturday, as this is the first full- blown, no apologies (no..not even to you, Disney!) Star Wars themed work since 2015! JJ lightly touched on the cult classic in 2018 with 'School Walker' but even that didn't pack quite the same punch as this creation . 'Move Along' sees the gang including Han Solo, Princess Leia and Chewbacca lining up to make their way into the 'Annual Mos Eisley Sci-Fi convention (Mos Eisley of course, being the wretched hive of all scum and villainy - and probably the most dangerous place on Tatooine) but it soon becomes clear that them being the smugglers that they are, Han Solo and Chewbacca are trying their luck by sneaking in some very unwelcome guests into the event! This is even more apparent when you spot the ''They are with us, Shhh!'' note  Han Solo is holding up to the Storm Troopers who are manning the entry point. They have already supplied Luke Skywalker with a trusty disguise in the form of a pair of sunglasses and a 'Hi my name is Dave' name badge, stuck to his shirt. This is not only a brilliant reference to The Office and Jim's legendary Halloween costume - but also loosely ties in one of JJ's earliest works 'Dave'. If you happened to be fooled by his 'careful' disguise... the knuckle tattoo's spelling out the names of his uncle 'Lars' and auntie 'Beru' might just give away his true identity. However, it's not just Star Wars members they are trying smuggle in, oh no! As you look closer you will begin to recognise a whole host of famous robots - I won't go rhyming off every single one or we'd be here until the end of lockdown but... V.I.N.C.E.N.T, Cyberman and Omnibot 2000 ... We See You! And if you thought that was Yoda hiding under that brown cloak then look again because, wait it's actually... E.T.!

JJ adds little hints of previous Star Wars inspired pieces into this scene, like the 'Womp Rat Noodle Soup' stamp one one of the crates in the foreground, the 'Sith Happens' sticker (appearing in many of his works over the years) and you may even notice that one of the Storm Troopers looks a little 'out of character' sporting a mo-hawk and tattoos... because he's a replica of a 2015 original sculpture JJ created exclusively for Robertson Fine Art! I'm sure we haven't been able to cover absolutely everything in this jam-packed image (Like for instance, Rick Morana's character from Spaceballs hiding in the background) but we have tried to cram enough insights here help you to discover way more, and I am sure with all this in mind, we can all come to the agreement that this is one seriously incredible Star Was inspired work of art! 

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