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Cooler King II (Colour) by JJ Adams

Cooler King II (Colour) by JJ Adams

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Title: Cooler King II - Colour

Artist: JJ Adams

Approx Image Size: 24" x 24"

Approx Framed Size: 35" x 35"

Medium: Signed Limited Edition on Paper

Price inclusive of Framing



  We kick things off with the follow up edition to JJ's best selling original 'Cooler King' - believe it or not this is still one of the most requested JJ works to date, so many fans will be overjoyed to see this one make an appearance in his newest collection. Available in both colour and black and white variations, 'Cooler King II' is another sensational depiction of the late and great Steve McQueen - and really embodies everything this actor was known for - both on and off screen. There are of course many aspects of this new piece that are reminiscent to the original version, which was released back in 2015. Steve sports another pair of blue jeans a pink t-shirt and the exact wrist watch from his hit film 'Bullit' and you will also notice 'Cool King' tattooed across his knuckles, just like the initial piece. Steve's memorable Mustang from 'Bullit' makes another appearance - this time in the form of a tattoo on his right arm, and there are similar references to his classic 'The Great Escape' with the inclusion of a baseball and glove by his side and a tattoo of the unforgettable scene in the film with McQueen on his Motorcycle and the HALT sign post behind him. What makes this adaption unique from the original, is that JJ has chosen here to include details of Steve McQueen's life and successes outside of his film career alone. Steve had a particular passion for Motorcycles all of his life and it was in fact Steve himself who suggested the motorcycle jump over the border fence at the end of 'The Great Escape'. Throughout his life he managed to acquire an impressive collection of over 200 different models - many of them made by the Swedish Manufacturers 'Husqvana' - hence their logo inked up on Steve's arm. TThe bike featured behind him is a 1964 TR6 SC and signifies the wonderful tale of a time that Steve McQueen is said to have described as one of the proudest moments of his life.... In 1964 he was chosen along with 4 if the best American off road riders at that time, to represent the United States in the official ISDT (International Six Days Trial) In Germany. His Triumph Trophy was number 278 and JJ perfectly pays tribute to the inclusions of the yellow number plate and 'Triumph' logo on McQueen's t-shirt. This is the perfect addition to your collection, whether you managed to get your hands on the first edition, or you just missed out. Steve McQueen's 'star’ shines as brightly as ever these days, and the man is still relevant some 40 years after he left us - and JJ Adams portrayal of this man perfectly embodies everything this legend was known and loved for.

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