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Hundred Acre Weed (Winnie The Pooh) by JJ Adams

Hundred Acre Weed (Winnie The Pooh) by JJ Adams

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Title: Hundred Acre Weed

Artist: JJ Adams

Approx Image Size: 40" x 24"

Approx Framed Size: 51" x 35"

Edition Size: 95 + 10AP's

Medium: Signed Limited Edition on Paper


The brilliant 'Hundred Acre Weed' - the next installment in JJ's popular series of 'Disney Gone Bad'... and this particular piece features all the cast of Winnie The Pooh - but not how we usually know them. So, the first clue is probably in the name as JJ plays on the word 'Wood' in name of the forest where Pooh and his pals all reside, by changing this to 'Weed' - so we know that they have gone rogue for sure! The main character Winnie is rocking a Fedora and a first full of cash as he deals out the Class B drug to his friends who are all sporting some pretty hilarious tattoo's. Starting with the main Bear himself, we see Winnie the Pooh has a tattoo on his arm that reads 'Oh Bother' - which of course, is his classic catchphrase in the animated series. His t-shirt has the slogan 'Not Mr Sanders' printed onto it, Mr Sanders being the previous resident of the house Pooh now lives in and who's name features above his front door in gold lettering. Some people believed that this referred to Pooh's last name, making him 'Mr Winnie The Pooh Sanders' but this is in fact not true although we never actually learn who this mysterious Mr Sanders ever is!
About to swipe a bag from Pooh's hand is Owl - who looks pretty shady in his sunglasses and concealing some suspicious looking pills under his wing. He is also displaying a tattoo across his breast that says 'Dyslexic', and if you look to the left you will also see an excited looking Tigger who has 'ADHD' emblazoned on his arm as well. Here, JJ seems to be referring to the theory that each character at Hundred Acre Weed represents a form mental or learning disorder. In the December 2000 edition of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, the joint teams of Dalhousie University's Pediatrics Department published a study that diagnosed the likes of Tigger with ADHD based on his history of risk-taking behaviour (so maybe the drugs are for medicinal purposes then....?) 
Owl has a pager attached to his hip which seems to be ringing and if you look closely you will see it's 'Mickey' calling him. This is a subtle reference to an earlier work 'Mouse Fight' and was one of the first images JJ had created in this style starring Danger Mouse and Mickey mouse in a punch up - proving immensely popular at it's time of release.
In the distance we can see a silhouette of a little boy we can only assume is Peter
Robin and beside him someone appears to have scratched the words 'Equal Pay For All' into the tree trunk- a subtle hint that seems to point towards the very recent claims of discrimination within the Disney Corporation, and JJ Adams is showing his clear stance on this. This is an all round amazing take on the classic A.A Milnes story and gives us plenty of laughs, especially the good old tub of 'Vegan Honey'- one for all the millennial's of the world!


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