Above & Beyond! The Little Extra’s We Can Do For You At Robertson Fine Art.

Above & Beyond! The Little Extra’s We Can Do For You At Robertson Fine Art.

At Robertson Fine Art, we are especially dedicated to making your art buying experience the best that it can be – and we want to make sure you go home at the end of the day, not only satisfied with the work we do but also with the perfect piece of art which will sit proudly in your home and one you will cherish for a long time to come.

So, with this in mind, we felt this was a perfect opportunity to tell you about all the extra services we can provide to ensure this is always the case – for every customer who is thinking of purchasing work from us! We understand that you may have some reservations like ‘Will it go in that room?’ ‘Will it fit in that space?’ ‘If only it had a different frame…’ ‘It’s probably going to cost me a fortune in shipping..’ but we hope that the services explained below will help to put your mind at ease!


Are you having trouble visualizing? 

So you have fallen in love with one of our artists, but you have one space available in your home and are finding it difficult to choose between a few pieces, or maybe we have given you all the sizes for your desired piece, but you still can’t be sure how it will look on that wall? Well we can help you with this simply and easily – if you provide us a few images of the space in mind, we can superimpose any artwork into that space for you to give you a clearer idea of the end result. We can even re-create the walls in your entire home if this is something you want! This way, you can be sure that every artwork is the right fit for you.




We also offer home consultations for anyone living within a certain radius of all three of our galleries. In this instance, we will pop round with one, or more artworks and let you see them in your space, free of charge and no commitment necessary, as we acknowledge that these artworks can appear so differently outwith the gallery setting – and if you decide it is the one for you then the great news is, it’s already up on the wall!


Love the artwork.. but not the frame?

As many will already know, we are not only an art gallery but also provide a high quality and experienced framing service throughout all three of our branches. This means we can provide our customers with bespoke framing for pieces they may have purchased from ourselves our outwith our galleries at a competitive price – whether it be artwork, tapestry or even football shirts we enjoy the challenge of beautifully finishing these pieces for our customers. Providing this service means that we frame a substantial amount of our artwork in house, and so if the frame on your purchase doesn’t suit your needs then we can change this for you – sometimes with a slightly added extra charge depending on the alternative frame chosen. We provide samples of our main collection of mouldings in our galleries, however we have access to over 200 types of frames and can also create mock ups for you so you can easily see what the piece will look like once completed.


Are you having issues getting the artwork home?

There is no need to worry about that large piece of artwork you have just purchased fitting into your car, or substantial added shipping costs if you live elsewhere in the UK – because at Robertson Fine Art we provide free UK delivery for anything over the cost of £150. If you live close to our galleries then it is normally not an issue for us to swing by and drop the piece off for you, but if you are further afield then we will provide you with an experienced courier who specialize in transporting delicate objects who will drop it off straight to your door for no extra charge! We also provide European and International shipping for the majority of our artworks so if you are in the US of A or Down Under then please do not let that deter you from purchasing from us.


You love the artwork, but it is a lot of money to pay all at once?

Buying art can more times than not, be a spontaneous action. You walk into the gallery and tell yourself it is just for a browse and before you know it the artwork of your dreams is staring you straight in the face and you have to have it! We try and make these purchases as easy and affordable as possible with the help of the’Own Art’ scheme- which easily let’s you spread the cost over 10 months, completely interest free!


Anything Else?

We also attend all three of the Art Fairs in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh and participate in the Home Shows both in Aberdeen and Glasgow throughout the year to make it easier and more accessible for our audiences to come and see what we are all about.

Keeping you up to date:

We provide all of our customers who have supplied their email address to us with a monthly e-newsletter, which let’s you know about all the new collections, shows and events we have coming up during the course of the year. We will also bring you all the news on your favourite artist/s with us so you are the first to hear about any big announcements we may have on them.

We do hope that these added extra’s we include, provide you with the best art buying experience possible and we would love you to make full use of these services because they really are there to do just that!

You can call your nearest gallery now for more information or to take advantage of these today.


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