Artist Of The Moment: Katy Jade Dobson!

Artist Of The Moment: Katy Jade Dobson!

Let’s talk about one of Robertson Fine Art’s hottest artists of the moment, Katy Jade Dobson!

You only need scan at her social media page and see the 33,000 odd followers, to know she has a fantastic following already.  In a gallery full of work of every variety, it is not unusual for Katy’s art to stand out – with their rich and vivacious colors and opulent textures, her pieces immediately catch the attention of the viewer and grip it tight.

Watching Katy transform what seems at first, a vague arrangement of bright bold colors, into something which is so beautifully detailed and defined is truly mesmerizing.

Based in Yorkshire, Katy mainly works in oil paints. She has discovered an appreciation in their velvety texture and intense color which she marries perfectly with her energetic style. There is a joining of traditional oil painting, with a modern presence.


Katy’s main theme of choice is wildlife, painting everything from the delicate butterfly – to the noble stag, although she does like to spill over into the figurative subject.

She has said “Wildlife is my favorite subject to paint…a lot of movement and energy is something I attempt to portray as authentically as possible”

Robertson Fine Art knew we were on to a winner with Katy Jade Dobson the moment we released her stunning ‘The Leader’ which created quite a stir. The edition of 75 sold out within minutes of release and left a lot of disappointment for those who missed out. Since then her popularity has soared and now there is always an incredible buzz at the prospect of a new release.


We have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline with Katy for early 2016, so watch this space! If you have a strong interest in this artist, then express your interest to your nearest branch to keep up to date with all the goings-on.

Hope you have enjoyed,

Kelley Davis

Assistant Manager – Robertson Fine Art Edinburgh

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