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It's sometimes said that creative talent can be an inherited trait, and often can be passed down to the next generation. Nothing could be truer than when it comes to our artist Lynn Rodgie, and more importantly the newest Rodgie to become a budding professional landscape artist - her son Kerr Rodgie. 
Although it is obvious that his upbringing - where art was very much appreciated and valued by both his mother and also his grandfather who was a successful painter - has certainly inspired his works of art, as his popularity has grown, so have his styles and techniques and today he can very much be respected in today's world as a successful stand alone artist. This is why Kerr Rodgie is our artist of the week this week! 
Born in Glasgow in 1992, Kerr's original landscapes are always visually striking and have been adapted on since graduating with a First Class BA Hons in Fine Art Sculpture at Grays School of Art. He also acheived thethe 2014 RGU Purchase Prize for the Arts and Heritage Collections during his time there. Since then, a love of taking long cycle trips around Skye and the Western Isles with his family, has developed a strong, nostalgic body of work and these trips have been the main source of his material for many years now. Kerr uses a mixture of techniques and textures to create his imagery, with the foreground applied in thick layers with the help of craft knives and spatulas, and the background painted more soft and subtly - he showcases his incredible awareness of depth in every work he creates. It is almost as if looking out of a small window into the stunning scenery Scotland has to offer, and the feeling of being able to almost reach out and touch it is always evident. His colour palette is probably one of the most distinctive differences between that and his mother Lynn's work - Lynn always uses a bright and bold palette in many of her artworks, whereas Kerr often depicts scenes using an array of pastel and more mellow tones - often creating a real sense of tranquility within his paintings. 
We could find ourselves gazing at Kerr's beautiful original works for hours as they provide a real sense of peace (...a bit dangerous when you have lots of blogging to do!) , and his compositions are especially satisfying to the eye. We recently showcased our largest collection of original work by Kerr Rodgie at our 'Scottish Contempories Exhibition' in June - and they were met with a immensely positive reaction... so we cannot wait to see what is in store for this young artist in the future! 
To see our artist of the week Kerr Rodgie's original work in all of it's glory please pop into our Edinburgh or Glenrothes galleries or alternatively you can see the full collection on our website here


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