Bright bold and beautiful - The work of artist Lynn Rodgie's is destined to stand out in any circumstance and rightfully command all attention in a gallery setting. At Robertson Fine Art we appreciate every single one of our artists, but of course we have a particular soft spot for our local Scottish artists who have rose to fame with their special talent and skill - and not many come better than Lynn, who is currently situated just outside of Melrose in the Scottish Borders.
As we have worked with Lynn over the years her career has continued to flourish and her body of original works have only got stronger, making her one of our most popular original landscape artists of the moment... and this is why we would like to take the opportunity to celebrate her long standing practice and delve into her artwork a little more by making Lynn Rodgie our 'Artist Of The Week'!
Whether it be the rolling hills or poppy fields right on her doorstep, or the beautiful historic cityscape from her occassional trips to the capital - Lynn is constantly surrounded by the abundance of beautiful scenery that Scotland has to offer, so it is no surprise that this would somehow transpire into her stunning works of art over the years. Lynn says:
‘The soft rolling hills of the borders is perhaps not as spectacular as the rugged north or as picturesque as the Lake District, but it has a gentle pull that grows on you over time. The geometric shapes and colours of the ploughed fields or rows of hay bales in a golden field are visions that get me itching to pick up a paintbrush’. 
But, with so many landscape artists being influenced by the same dreamy countrysides we ask, what is it that really makes Lynn Rodgie's works shine against the rest? The very obvious first point would have to be Lynn's palette choice - as she uses only the most vibrant and intense colour range within her original oil paintings to create excitement and draw the viewer in. Lynn's methods are just as interesting as her colour selection, as she moulds the paint using only palette knives and moves the paint like a sculptural material in order to shape it into her vision. This process in my opinion, is as fascinating to observe as the final work - and this is why Lynn regularly carries out live demonstrations where viewers can watch the way she manipulates the paint first hand. The final product is a wonderfully layered and textured piece that takes on an almost 'three dimensional' look with plenty of depth and life to it. 
Lynn Rodgie's creative streak seems to have been inherited from her father - also an artist, who Lynn says has constantly inspired her and encouraged her throughout her life after growing up in such an artistic environment. Lynn has since passed this talent onto her son Kerr Rodgie who is also a young aspiring artist and his work currently hangs side by side by his mothers in our gallery today - so art really has become a family affair for Lynn and it is such a delightful thing to see 3 generations using their gift so successfully. 
I have included below, some of our alltime favourite original works that Lynn Rodgie has created for us over the years and we hope you enjoy them just as much as we have! 



'Valentine Waiter' (Cafe Rouge, Edinburgh)


Through The Gorse - Sold


Evening Stroll - George Street (Sold)


Castle On The Hill (Princes Gardens) - Sold


Rowing Boat Under The Trees - Sold


Buttercups On Charlotte Square - Edinburgh 


London Sunet (SOLD)


We have stunning displays of Lynn Rodgie's original oil paintings in both our Glenrothes and Edinburgh gallery currently, so if you would like to see their beauty for yourself or discuss more with us then please pop in to see us and discover exactly why she is our artist of the week!

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