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To celebrate the release of her brand new Autumn series, and her second collection with us here at Robertson Fine Art - we thought it was only right that our Artist Of The Week go to none other than the wonderful photographer and digital artist... Michelle Mackie - or as she has become better known as 'Dolly'! 
Michelle has seen huge success with her imagery over the last few years, particularly through the power of social media - where you can even view some fascinating stop motion videos of her process - and today she's built up quite the reputation with her unique visuals. What is somewhat even more intriguing than the works themselves, is that Michelle is completely self taught in both capturing and editing all of her photography, and what started off as a hobby and an escape of sorts from her 'mum duties' has grown into something much more. Her raw talent and individual style was spotted in 2014, when a local gallery asked her to display her work in their upcoming exhibition and after a delightful response she made the choice to take her obvious talent into more serious realms - and of course, we are so very glad she did!
Michelle's photography aims to stand out from the crowd in and really capture the imagination. By combining the power of nightmares and the magic of fairytales Michelle presents her inner-self; her memories, fears and dreams in an art form that can provoke powerful emotions and connect with people in ways she never could have believed. The technique to create such imagery is lengthy, as Michelle carefully considers every aspect of her final image from the model to the outfit to the location - everything is pre-determined before she reaches for the camera. When she finally gets the perfect shot, then comes the process of editing, layering and masking images to construct the whimsical figure that you will see on our gallery walls. All of the steps seem more than worth it when you get a glimpse of those figures however, as they perfectly demonstrate Michelle's ability to always find beauty in dark place’s. She says:
“I’m forever daydreaming, and I get to create some of what goes on in my busy little head for all to see”
We are thrilled to be working with the enchanting artist 'Dolly' , and even more excited to bring the 6 new images from her newest collection - available to pre order now here

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