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Anyone who knows of Ron Lawson's original artwork - will be aware of just how quickly his famous Scottish scenes of rural crofts in the Outer Hebrides and Scottish Highlands sell through our gallery - it can sometimes be near on impossible to track one down if you aren't fast enough. So in honour of Ron quickly climbing his way to one of our top selling artists of all time - we thought it was fitting to focus our attention on his life work by making him our new 'Artist of The Week'! 


Ron Lawson's signature style is easily considered one of the most distinctive in today's current art market - with his vast slate-grey skies that surround the expertly drafted and tranquil scenes below, becoming somewhat of a trademark. This is a technique that Ron has spent the last 40 odd years developing and perfecting, and his constant devotion to his craft over decades definitely deserves to be celebrated. Ron began his artistic career drawing for the famous Scottish publishing and television production company DC Thomson, when he landed a job with them at just 16. It was here that he progressively mastered the dynamic and highly individual palette he is known for today. Soon he was creating his own paintings outside of his work time before making the decision to showcase them in various exhibitions around the country. The reaction to his work was exceptional and after 35 years in his position with DC, made the decision to fully focus on his truly flourishing career as a full time artist. A wise move many would say, as since then the number of collectors have skyrocketed, the demand has been unimaginable and his beautiful works are now hanging across the globe! 
Ron explains: "What I try to capture in my work is a feeling. I want the viewer to imagine they’re standing right there in that view. Perhaps walking up a beach, over rocks or maybe sitting enjoying the peace and quiet." Ron visits many of the most remote and picturesque locations north of the border in order to perfectly illustrate the feelings of pure tranquility his works evoke including Tiree, Barra and Harris amongst others. He says "Whilst my work is obviously an interpretation, it’s pleasing that so many people are taken right to the location and feel the peaceful calmness."
It's become harder and harder to keep up with the incredible demand for Ron's work but the adoration for his collections still brings so much joy to us at Robertson Fine Art - and huge popularity in this type of industry can never be a bad thing! In June of this year for the first time ever we hosted our 'Scottish Contempories' exhibition which showcased all of the best artists this country has to offer and of course, Ron Lawson just had to be part of it. He worked religiously in front of an easel and managed to produce a total of 10 brand new originals to unveil at the opening - probably one of the largest collections we have ever received... and unsurprisingly we sold each and every one of them. Another triumph to add to his long standing career!
We are incredibly proud to represent this Dundee based artist and we are really looking forward to 2020 with Ron as we are currently in the midst of organising something extra special for you all that we can't wait to share soon!!
You can see our current collection from our Artist Of The Week Ron Lawson here

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