Behind The Scenes: Michelle Mackie On Her New Collection & First Ever Exhibition With Robertson Fine Art!

Behind The Scenes: Michelle Mackie On Her New Collection & First Ever Exhibition With Robertson Fine Art!

We are incredibly excited to be hosting a very special personal appearance with our unique artist Michelle Mackie next month...
This will be Michelle's first ever exhibition in Scotland, following an incredibly successful year in 2019 with us and to celebrate this occasion - she will be here to unveil a brand new collection of 6 never before seen works! 
Having spent many years perfecting her digital based skills, manipulating her own photography & using source material that is totally unique, the end results are really quite special and unlike anything else in the marketplace right now.
So we felt like this was the perfect opportunity to get to know Michelle a little better ahead of our show, and gain a deeper insight into her work by asking her some questions that she was more than happy to answer! 
We have also added some sneak peeks of the new works below... just to get you all extra bit excited!! 

- So Michelle, can you talk to us a little about your process when it comes to creating each artwork?


I visualise ideas in my head before I plan anything in regards to creating. 

Once I have a picture I’d like to create it goes down in a note book and then I start working out how I can make it work.

I book a model I know will suit my creation, then source props, costumes etc  as well as finding a location.


The next step is to photograph everything on location, with this I have to think about angles and stock shots of my props, model and anything else that may need adding in after the shoot.


My final process is where the magic happens I guess you could say, this is where I put everything together digitally using layers and other techniques I’ve picked up over time, using unique colour toning and textures giving a sometimes painterly effect. It is at this stage that the images tend to take on a life of their own and evolve into what they should be, this part can be extremely time consuming.



- Your works are often surreal and 'dreamlike', what inspires your imagery?

I honestly get inspired by so many things. 

I have dyslexia and I’m sure this makes me think and see things a little differently, I like to see all things visually.

It’s funny that you say dreamlike as a lot of my images have come to me in dream form.

If I have a message or a story I want to share I’ll find ways of expressing that visually whether it’s using props or certain colours (Red can express passion, pain and love) Or maybe just a pose for the Model that may evoke.


I get Inspiration from stories, poetry, films, places, people and how they express themselves but most of all I think it’s the constant search for escapism.

I look for magic in everything! So I’m a massive fan of symbolism and what they represent, I might find an object and think about a story relating to it and 

what it could mean. It’s the visual storytelling and creating intrigue, the thought of looking at a picture and losing yourself even if it is just for a split second.



 - What do you feel is your biggest achievement as a working artist so far? 


This would have to be the fact that people have not only connected with the work but wanted to take it home with them,

When someone sends you a message to say that their art has just arrived and they can't stop looking at it, It really doesn't get better than that.



- Without giving too much away, what can your fans expect to see in this new collection?


A little bit of mystery, magic, and there maybe a puppet too!



- Have you faced any challenges when creating this new series?


I think the biggest challenge with any series is to try not to question yourself too much, I am my own biggest critique.



- What do you look forward to most about your upcoming exhibition with us in Edinburgh? 


Well this is my first time in Scotland so that in itself is exciting, But I can't wait to see my new collection hanging in the amazing Roberson's Fine Art Gallery,

and hearing other people’s interpretations of the collection.



Michelle's brand new collection will be unveiled in our Edinburgh gallery on Saturday the 7th of March from 1-4pm + she will be here to meet you all and discuss the new works. Please RSVP now to to be added to our guestlist - we look forward to seeing you there!


You can also view Michelle's current collection with us here at Robertson Fine Art by clicking here

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