Brand New British Figurative Artist Richard Blunt Joins Robertson Fine Art!

Brand New British Figurative Artist Richard Blunt Joins Robertson Fine Art!

We are delighted to introduce to you, the newest artist to join our incredible portfolio here at Robertson Fine Art - British Figurative Artist Richard Blunt!

Born and raised in the West Midlands, Richard Blunt always aspired to be creative. Following in his family’s footsteps, art was always an all-encompassing force in the teenager’s life. Hoping to turn this passion to vocation, Richard mistakenly took the advice of his careers advisor whose promise that ‘you’ll never make any money as an artist’ simply delayed the inevitable.Dejected but determined to pursue his creative talent, he enrolled at Worcester College of Art, studying three-dimensional design before embarking on a decade of artistic pursuit that saw him play in several bands and culminated in a move to Cardiff in South Wales to complete a degree in Popular Music. A city he lives and works in now.

As a visual storyteller, Blunt takes immense inspiration from the muses of film and music and the paradoxical simplicities and complexities of the world around him. Predominantly an oil painter working within a traditional skillset, the obsession to create a story from each painting is a celebration of fashion, props and even romance from a bygone era as each piece tells a story of love, life and mystery.

A nationally appreciated and internationally collected painter whose commendation belies his relative youth. A firm fixture within the British art world for over half a decade, Blunt paints full time from his dedicated studio in his adopted hometown of Cardiff. 


The brand new collection of original and limited editions will be launching this Friday the 13th at around noon...and it is really not to be missed!! Full of passion, energy and style -  The collection will comprise of two halves, and these enticing new figurative works are sure to capture your attention. And the best news? We can also announce that Richard has recently teamed up with one of the UK's best selling artists currently - JJ Adams and has been secretly working alongside him to create an absolutely extraordinary collaborative work -  which perfectly partners JJ's insane digital work, with Richard's incredible painterly techniques... and will really blow your mind!

We are keeping the collection completely under wraps until Friday - but until then, we are thrilled to be able to reveal some special 'sneak peeks' of the new series...just to whet your appetite!! 


Want to know more about Richard Blunt or his brand new collection? Well you can email us at to enquire. We will also have a display of Richard's work in our Edinburgh gallery for the launch on Friday - so please come along to see us if you can! We can't wait for you all to see what Richard has been working on tirelessly this year for you all - and we hope you can't either!


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