Colour Up Your Life With The Work Of Brand New Artist... Emma Gibbons!

Colour Up Your Life With The Work Of Brand New Artist... Emma Gibbons!

She's set the art world alight since the staggered launch of her work only a few weeks ago, with her vibrant and strikingly unique original works and now that our doors have officially opened again this week, we thought what better way to highlight that we are back to business than to present to you our brand new artist - Emma Gibbons! 
You could say that Emma's bright and bold works are even a reflection of herself,  as her background has admittedly been anything but ordinary - just like her works of art. Interestingly, she was born into a family of Cornish smugglers and pirates and developed a passion for treasures and precious objects from a young age. Her love of travel and exploring also influenced her passion for colour
Emma has also been understandably influenced by her time working with the highly successful visual art duo the Chapman Brothers and spending 7 years alongside the leading figure of the Young Artist Movement and one of the wealthiest living artists in the world, Damien Hirst. These experiences over the years, married with her childhood and her time in London studying art & illustration forged her style and identity as a working artist. 
Her early works began with materials like acrylic paint and swiftly moved onto eye catching pieces that were constructed from assorted vials filled with various vivid substances. She then advanced into the signature technique she is known for today that has been captivating audiences far and wide.   
This process involves hand filling thousands of tiny pill capsules with special materials and arranging them into spectacular images and objects, like for instance, the classic Chanel No.5 bottle silhouette - something Emma is renowned for recreating. It is a painstaking and incredibly time consuming process, but the results are really like nothing else in the art market today! One thing that has remained consistent through Emma's works as she has experimented with materials and compositions over the years, is her love of strong, bold colour and each original definitely packs a punch in this department. 
Now residing and producing work from her home in a coastal town in North Devon, Emma has gained fame exhibiting her work in places like London, New York and Amsterdam and has has been bought by clients and collectors all over the world, including Zoe Ball & Dawn French. 
And now, we are thrilled to say we have a new stunning collection of her works on display now in our Edinburgh gallery just in time to welcome you all back. We are excited to have these here for you to see in the flesh after having a great deal of online success with her works over the last few months.
You can see our Managing Director discuss more about the collection we have on show below and you can click here to see the full collection on our website currently.

Call us now on 0131 285 0695 if you would like to discuss the work of Emma Gibbons further - or would like to talk about the possibility of a commission! 

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