Get Excited By Landscape! The New Collection By Scottish Artist Lynn Rodgie Will Blow You Away.

Get Excited By Landscape! The New Collection By Scottish Artist Lynn Rodgie Will Blow You Away.

Bring the British outdoors, indoors with this incredible new collection of original artworks by the incredibly talented Lynn Rodgie, depicting our beautiful Scottish countryside and even some dreamy illustrations of our beloved capitals Edinbugh and London at dusk!


Bursting with colour and textures, these works can definitely turn heads and are now additions to the highly impressive portfolio of Lynn’s work we have here at Robertson Fine Art. Expertly combining the traditional with some highly modern techniques, she completely transforms the streets of the city or the endless poppy fields of the countryside – and they are just so fascinating to look at, with their think paint strokes, they become almost 3 dimensional to the eye.

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In this collection you will also notice some exciting experimentation from Lynn, where she has moved away from her most recognisable techniques and finishes slightly, and it really is a breath of fresh air and proves that Lynn herself is not just a one trick pony. In ‘Evening Stroll’ (RRP £2,950) and especially in ‘Castle Silhouette’ (RRP £2,250) Lynn has chosen to significantly limit her colour palette to around 5 or 6 different tones, however the end results are just as stunning, if not more than the bright bold style she usually adopts.

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Two more pieces which are sure to grab your attention are ‘Summer Fields’ (RRP £1,950) and ‘Daisy Fields’ (RRP 2,500) not just for their incredible colours, but the fact that they have been painted onto box canvas, coated in resin and float framed! These are a completely different bold techniques and methods for Lynn, however believe they are just gorgeous and we commend her for stepping out of her comfort zone and trying something new!

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So want one of these incredible landscapes for yourself? Well come in and see us at our Edinburgh gallery, where they are now on display in their full glory – we promise they will make you smile, especially on a very grey and wet day like today! You can get in touch to discuss more or to arrange a viewing by calling us now on 0131 285 0695 –  you can also view the full Lynn Rodgie, including the new originals above, on our website by clicking here.

Kindest Regards,

Kelley Davis – Gallery Manager, Robertson Fine Art Edinburgh.

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