Looking For Art? Why An Art Fair Is THE Perfect Place To Find That Special Piece

Looking For Art? Why An Art Fair Is THE Perfect Place To Find That Special Piece

For one weekend a year, a considerable number of galleries come together to various spaces around the UK and pack them with sensations of excitement, curiosity and of course a broad range of exceptional art at just about every turn... there is no other creative event quite like an art fair! 
An art fair can be the perfect place to buy art and discover everything from the very best emerging talent to even the most accomplished of artists all under one roof and at the same time, get the opportunity to converse with many like-minded individuals who share the same passion for the creative industry. For some, the suggestion of an art fair can seem a somewhat chaotic or overwhelming concept.... but in this segment I want to take the time explain to you some of the most important reasons why we at Robertson Fine Art believe that when art fairs are done right, they can be the ideal opportunity to pick up that perfect piece of art that you have been longing for! 


Reason One
The Opportunity To Discover Art That Will Suit A Range Of Tastes And Budgets
One of the most charming aspects of Art Fairs, and something I just touched upon above, is the immense level of diversity that you will see over the course of the weekend. You will have the chance to view paintings, photography, sculptures, ceramics and more from many artists located across the globe, all of whom have been inspired by many different things. Prices can range anywhere from £100 to £50,000 at a lot of these events - so there is sure to be something to suit all tastes and budgets. This is especially handy if you are just starting your art collection and you are struggling with knowing exactly how to get the ball rolling, or if you have a pretty rigid budget in place for your artwork. At Robertson Fine Art we are all about variety... so this is definitely the kind of environment we love to be a part of! 
Reason Two
The Opportunity To Connect With Creatives Around The World
You may have a number of galleries or local artists just a stones throw away from your front door, or you might be in a more rural location where there isn't so much as a petrol station for miles never mind an art gallery, but at an art fair, exhibitors travel from all across the UK, Europe and sometimes even other parts of the world to display their works all in the one convenient place - so this is the ideal event  to connect with galleries and artists that may be otherwise inaccessible without the added lengthy car journey or pricey plane ticket. Of course we are aware that there is now the added power of the world wide web to link with these people, but here at Robertson Fine Art we definitely believe that because art is such a visual business - there is nothing quite like standing in front of an original painting and taking it all in in person - and this is why we use the Art Fairs across Scotland in order to meet and present our work to people we may otherwise never get the chance to make it out to us.
Reason Three  
The Opportunity To Explore The 'Best Of The Best'
With the majority of art fairs only spanning over 3-4 days, and with as many as 60 to 70 other exhibitors sharing the same space over that time, galleries or artists know they only have a small window of opportunity to entice visitors onto their stand and hold their interest. At Robertson Fine Art, we take the time to carefully plan ahead and specially select our top artists and artwork for that year to showcase and request new work to unveil as and where we can. Many art fairs also seek to have an indication of everything that is due be exhibited over the weekend and ensure all work is vetted for quality prior to the event. This in turn, produces a much more effective way for you to really capture the true essence of what the artists or galleries are about almost instantly, and the perfect chance to snap up a real first-class work of art - sometimes prior to them even being displayed in the gallery settings. 
Reason Four
The Opportunity To Speak To The Experts 
There is no other opportunity to converse with such a vast group of gallery owners, their advisers and even directly to the artists themselves quite like there is at an art fair. You can receive an abundance of information and advice on the day that could potentially make your art buying experience a whole lot easier! The best thing is there is always someone on hand when you need them as normally we will have around 2, 3 sometimes 4 people on our stand at any one time and we are ready and eager to share our ample knowledge with you, so you shouldn't have to wait long if you have a query. Over the course of the weekend there is also normally many different talks and discussions or artists even performing live demonstrations - and these are more chances for you gain a direct insight into the work around you. At Robertson Fine Art we encourage a lot of our artists to join us at our Art Fairs to meet the visitors and discuss their works with them as we believe it is a great way for them to connect with fans and collectors in a relaxed environment. 
Reason Five 
The Opportunity To Have A Bit of Fun Whilst Purchasing Art
And even if you aren't lucky enough to find that perfect piece on the day - art fairs are still a great day out for the entire family. Art Fairs are accessible for all ages and in fact a lot of art fairs actively encourage youngsters to get stuck in to their creative side with workshops to keep them entertained whilst their parents peruse. There are also a range of tutorials and live demonstrations taking place over the weekend and most art fairs will hold a special preview evening with added live entertainment... (and a bar of course!) so this definitely isn't the stuffy art scene that a lot of people conjure up in their mind when they think of these types of events. People may feel like buying art can be daunting or even sometimes intimidating, but here all the pressure is off - you are able to freely wander around many different stands and take it all in, stop off have some coffee and some lunch and actually appreciate the experience.We completely get on board with this at Robertson Fine Art as we fundamentally believe that the whole art buying affair should be filled with positivity, excitement but most importantly - it should be enjoyable! I would also say, there undeniably a different and way more exaggerated type of 'buzz' when it comes to the act of purchasing artwork at an art fair (and if you have ever bought a piece of art in your life... you will completely understand what I mean by the 'buzz'!) - I mean, with sometimes upwards of 15,000 people making their way through the doors over the weekend and many of them making purchases left right and center- it does spur everyone on and creates a very high energy and exciting atmosphere!
Our Top Tips To Make Your Art Fair Experience Top Notch! 
  • Check The Information - Many art fairs will be ticketed events so definitely check if you need to purchase these prior to the event! You should also take the opportunity to review their opening times and it is always a good idea to check if they have on site parking available at the venue. All of this should be easily found on the Art Fairs official website.
  • Plan Ahead - Sometimes art fairs can feel like a bit of a maze! We would definitely advise you to check out the venues floor plan prior to attending, grab a map on the way in and make a note of the stand numbers of galleries or artists you are particularly interested in seeing. This way you won't miss anyone important out of your day!
  • Ask Questions - As mentioned above, advisers are on the stands to just do that... so don't be shy to ask us anything and use all the knowledge we have in order to make your buying experience that much easier!
  • Don’t Be Intimidated - Engage conversation with the art dealers, ask for pricing and other information you need. Even if you don't wish to buy on the day, just finding out about a gallery or an artist and getting a little business card to take away with you could be really useful in the future!
  • Most Importantly, Have Fun! - As already stated, art fairs are exciting, high energy and a great place to network with other like-minded individuals. It is also a great day out for the whole family... and you just really can't beat that feeling at the end of it when you walk out the door with that perfect piece of art under your arm just to top it all off.




We are incredibly proud to be part of The Edinburgh Art Fair this weekend,  the UK’s leading, most prestigious art fair outside London - as they celebrate their 15th anniversary! The event will be held at Edinburgh's Corn Exchange and is set to display around 3,000 works of art for sale from over 60 galleries of national and international standing with works from over 500 global artists (including ourselves!!) . There is estimated to be more than 15,000 people in attendance over the course of the 4 days... so if the reasons above have enticed you to try hitting your local art fair this year then this is THE place to go! You can find more information on how to get there and where to find our stand this year here


We can't wait to welcome you there!

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