We are Kicking Off The Six Nations With A Brand New Series From Stuart Herd!

We are Kicking Off The Six Nations With A Brand New Series From Stuart Herd!

It's one of the most exciting sporting competitions of the moment - and with the  mouthwatering match taking place tomorrow between Scotland & Wales (which is nail-bitingly too close to call) which kicks off this seasons Six Nations Championship, we thought there was no better time to introduce this truly unbelievable and perfectly fitting collection from the one and only Stuart Herd!

Stuart has managed to capture the true essence of the rugby championship, all the energy and buzz surrounding the sport and depict all the thrilling aspects which make it the number one topic on everyone's lips! Painted perfectly in acrylics, the series includes a stunning snippet of the grounds outside Murrayfield Stadium - where you can see all the avid fans waiting patiently to enter and watch all the action unfold. Anyone who is a die hard fan of the sport will relate to this work and understand all the feelings of anticipation nerves and excitement that is mounting in this particular work. There is an impressive illustration of the pitch inside the stadium, with a match between Scotland and France just about to take place - viewers will be overwhelmed by the vast sea of supporters and fans which decorate the background of the piece - a true display of the real importance of this sport to so many.


The collection also features smaller intricate works where he has reproduced the tension between players and teams in the scrums between Scotland and England, Ireland, Italy and Wales. There are more jaw- dropping action shots which encompass the true action of the thrilling game itself - in particular the truly beautiful depiction of the piper 'Sending Them Homewards', which embodies the spirit of the Six Nations and we know will be sure to make many feel oh so patriotic. 

The incredible range is now available to view in our Edinburgh branch, however we suggest if you have particular interest in a certain work you give us a call to check availability and discuss your options on 0131 285 0695. You can also view all the works and see details on our website now! We are thrilled to be working with Stuart Herd and we look forward to the collections which will be hitting our galleries this year from the man himself so watch this space! 

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