Collection: Lynn Rodgie

Having grown up in an artistic environment, Lynn studied at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen. Her father, also an artist, has inspired and encouraged her throughout her life. Lynn is constantly inspired by her environment; the Scottish countryside around her provides an endless stream of ideas for her vibrant, expressive landscapes.

‘The soft rolling hills of the borders is perhaps not as spectacular as the rugged north or as picturesque as the Lake District, but it has a gentle pull that grows on you over time. The geometric shapes and colours of the ploughed fields or rows of hay bales in a golden field are visions that get me itching to pick up a paintbrush’. 

Lynn works mainly from photographs. She said, “Photographs enable me to capture the pattern, shapes and composition of a particular painting and I can enhance the colours and vigor of the scene when I am back in the studio.” She works Solely in oils as she enjoys the versatility of the medium which she uses to extraordinary effect when describing the interplay of light and shadow.

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