With some big news just released regarding the imminent drop of his brand new Spring Collection (this Saturday, 27th Of April! )  and celebrating one whole year since launching this artist this weekend (what a quick year it's been!) - our fourth installment of  'Artist Of The Week' could only be dedicated to the amazing Craig Davison!
 We have seen huge success here at Robertson Fine Art with Craig's unique works even-though we are only just about to celebrate 12 months since his art became a regular sight on our walls! Craig Davison has made it his creative duty to recreate the action and adventure filled stories we invented back then, in our gardens or down the local park. His original oil paintings often delve inside the child's mind as they take on the forms of famous fictional characters and stereotypes. Posing with DIY props like hairdryers and goggles, the children mimic the attitudes of their favourite characters ,who can be seen in their shadows behind. He says: “I now can’t imagine doing anything else but painting. Ideas come from everything and anything. Everywhere I look images and ideas are lining up to be used. I like my paintings to have a slightly naive, grubby look with lots of energy – which, when I think about it, sums up my childhood!”
Craig has had a long standing and highly rewarding career as an artist over the years, but it was his initial collection with ourselves the 'Golden Years', released in April 2018 and featuring 8 jaw-dropping images that all sold out pretty much instantly, that we believe really put him on the map!
Craig Davison's second release 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' was another hit with our clients and created a huge build up for our first artist appearance with the man himself, which was also, interestingly, his first ever exhibition north of the border so this was particularly special for all involved. Specially for this show and much to our delighted, Craig created an exclusive work for Robertson Fine Art-  the glorious Brave Heart inspired work that took pride of place in our gallery along with some other brand new works! It was available as an original oil painting, hand embellished canvas and limited edition paper prints and was definitely one of the most impressive pieces we have seen him to do date (Of course, we might be a little biased) . We are incredibly excited to be welcoming Craig back to the gallery on Saturday the 30th of November for what we are sure will be another outstanding appearance!
So, that brings us to our most recent and extremely exciting news regarding this hugely talented artist! This Saturday at 1pm will see the launch of Craig's first release of 2019 - his Spring Collection! Below you will see some sneak peeks of what you can expect to be included and we can't wait to reveal exactly what he has been working on in full this weekend - so keep by your computers to secure your favourite from our 'Artist Of The Week'
Golden Years
In April 2018 we launched Craig Davison as our newest artist, with a brand new stunning sell out collection called 'Golden Years'. People were blown away by this series of works and Craig quickly racked up a huge list of fans off the back of this.
Star Wars Release
In June 2018, Craig released two new 'Star Wars' themed works entitled 'NoOoOo!!'  & 'Kkhoooow - Kkhooow' - which were full of his unique and heart- warming humour and again were immensely popular works. 
  Somewhere Over The Rainbow
In September Craig released his newest Autumn Collection 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' - featuring works inspired by the likes of The Wizard Of Oz, Jaws and Alien and again, was a complete hit. 


You'll Never Take Our Tunnocks

On the run up to our personal appearance with him and his first show ever in Scotland, Craig Davison completed this incredible exclusive Braveheart inspired work for Robertson Fine Art entitled 'You'll Never Take Our Tunnocks' - the original of this sold pretty much instantly.  


Personal Appearance 2018

In November 2018 Craig had his first ever personal appearance with Robertson Fine Art - it was an incredibly busy day and many fans came out to meet the man himself and chat to him about his very original ideas and inspirations!


We are incredibly proud to represent Craig Davison - our artist of the week, and we hope you can attend his event with us this year! To RSVP to his personal appearance on the Saturday the 30th of November please email us at - and keep close to your computers this Saturday when we will see the release of brand new works for Craig's Spring Collection launch! 


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