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This weeks artist of the week is not only one of the newest and most dynamic landscape artists to join Robertson Fine Art, but someone who has an incredibly inspiring tale to tell on how came to be a full time working artist with the great level of success and fan base he has collected along the way  - as he transformed a point in his life when things didn't seem to be going quite his way, and braved the sometimes uncertain leap into following his life long passion, and oh my has this paid off for him! That's right, this week we take a closer glimpse at the very interesting work of Eastbourne born Mark Curryer, and discover just why his decision has been so rewarding.
Mark Curryer has a distinctive and bold style that often stands out in our gallery setting. His original paintings are crammed with energy, movement and intensity - thanks to the unique techniques he has mastered over the years. His choice of subject matter is typically the bustling cityscapes of the great capitals around the world like London, Paris and New York, which compliment his style wonderfully. Mark has the ability to portray the liveliness of these cities with lots of mark making and his use of strong lines, that really make you believe you are looking into a fleeting moment of time. Mark's paintings are often depictions of moody or rainy nights in these areas, as he admits that he loves to illustrate the way the glistening light of street lights, cars and buildings reflects off of the wet streets below. Mark Curryer's choice of material is acrylic paint and again, we see a perfect marriage between this and his techniques as this highly pigmented fast drying paint works perfectly with his high impact approach. 
One of the most refreshing things to see in Mark Curryer's creations is the very limited, if any, use of paintbrushes when applying paint - instead opting to use a multitude of other materials such as blades and rollers to create his finished look. These tools create the very unmistakable shapes and textures that he is known for today. The real beauty of this type of mark making for the viewer is when they get up to take a closer look as on first glance Mark's works can appear almost impressionistic, but when you inspect them further you will notice he enjoys including smaller areas of detail which interestingly link the eye to the settings of the paintings. We also adore the very quirky addition to his most recent collections entitled 'To Be Continued' - where he has actually continued the painting onto the slip of the surrounding frame, another little surprise element to Mark's work that sets him aside from all the rest.
Of course we do have to highlight in this segment that Mark Curryer is one of the most highly ambitious and motivated people, and has had a very commendable beginning to his life as a full time working artist. He had forged a career in computerised finance for many years after attending art college, and although painting was something he never gave up on in his life, it took a back seat whilst he found a way to pay the bills. After an unfortunate series of events which led to him being made redundant from his job, Mark was left with two choices - get another job in the same sector, or take the plunge and make a career out of his one true passion... he plucked up the courage to put his artwork out there to the public and well, the rest is history! 
We at Robertson Fine Art are definitely more than delighted about his decision as we were lucky enough not only to begin representing Mark last year - but also to have him paint 7 stunning works featuring our beautiful capital city Edinburgh, and the very famous three bridges that join both of our galleries! You will see this incredibly striking and powerful collection below - which are available to view online here, and all available pieces are on display in both our Edinburgh and Glenrothes galleries now! 
We have stunning displays of Mark Curryer's original oil paintings in both our Glenrothes and Edinburgh gallery currently, so if you would like to see their beauty for yourself or discuss more with us then please pop in to see us and discover exactly why she is our artist of the week - or email us at for more info.

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