Let Your Imagination Run Wild With The Brand New Collection From Craig Davison!

Let Your Imagination Run Wild With The Brand New Collection From Craig Davison!

We probably all share similar stories  from way back when, as carefree youngsters, running around the garden with make shift capes and swords - pretending we were superheroes and villians from our favourite films, or donning our mum's most expensive pair of high heels and lipstick and strutting around like we were some sort of Hollywood movie star. This amazing world of fantasy, conjured up inside our own oh so innocent minds, would often keep us entertained for hours on end! 
But today, as fully fledged adults with all the stresses of everyday reality on our shoulders - it's sometimes difficult to remember a time when you could let your imagination run wild, and really believe you could be anyone.... until now! 
Artist Craig Davison has made it his creative duty to recreate the action and adventure filled stories we invented back then, in our gardens or down the local park. His original oil paintings often delve inside the child's mind as they take on the forms of famous fictional characters and stereotypes. Posing with DIY props like hairdryers and goggles, the children mimic the attitudes of their favourite characters ,who can be seen in their shadows behind.
Craig was born in Sheffield in 1965, but has lived in the West Midlands and North Wales before settling in County Durham. He has been drawing for as long as he can remember, and art was always his favourite subject at school. Managing to get a job as a cartoonist, Davidson drew for a variety of pre-school comics including The Wombles, Bangers & Mash, Huxley Pig and The Shoe People. 
After a few years Davidson moved on and began working for a computer games company as an animator as Games Designer. While working there he amassed a large portfolio of games he worked on including The Hulk, Zorro and The Hurricanes as well as the concept and characters for the game Johnny Bazookatone.
He also began to develop his 3D skills further, and moved into sculpting action figures for toy ranges such as Harry Potter, Me To You and Doctor Who. More years passed by and sculpting work became increasingly harder to find and in a quick rush painted a piece for a contest in which the famous fine artist Alexander Millar would select the winner as his apprentice. Surprisingly, Davidson finished in the top three and from the encouragement of his near-victory began painting with a passion. Davidson has been painting as a professional artist for galleries ever since. 
With his brand new collection 'Golden Years', Craig has created eight jaw-dropping images - which effectively tap into a time before social media, when kids were outside playing make- believe and feeding their creative minds, instead of sitting on the sofa, glued to screens. Featuring cult classics like Star Wars and Grease, Brit pop legends like David Bowie and iconic superheroes like Spiderman - he has cleverly recreated these extordinary stories and individuals in the most nostalgic way! The collection includes Craig's' instantly recognisable original paintings, hand drawn reference sketch works, fully hand embellished, exclusive canvases and signed, numbered Giclée paper editions and all of the images are available NOW for pre-order from us here at Robertson Fine Art!
So if you want to be forever reminded of a time before all the work and bills and constant cleaning, and take home one of these sensational works of art for yourself then please get in touch with your nearest gallery or see the full collection online now.. and let your imagination run wild!! 
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