Vincent Kamp Joins the Robertson Fine Art Portfolio

Vincent Kamp Joins the Robertson Fine Art Portfolio

The latest addition to our Robertson Fine Art Portfolio is a bold one, as artist Vincent Kamp dares to go underground with his brand new collection and uncover a culture which is perhaps unfamiliar to many – and he perfectly executes these gutsy depictions using his sharp and slick painting skills.

Vincent’s arresting portraits are built on the assumption that society will always identify with rebels and the gritty world of the urban underground. For his most recent work he has traveled around the UK visiting barber shops and events, his muses becoming the tribes and groups who associate themselves with this subculture – the modern day gentlemen who have decorated themselves in tattoo’s and piercings, hair slicked back and shirt sleeves rolled up. Men with their own language, culture and style.

vincent kamp.jpg

Kamp creates a brooding atmosphere in his art with his dark palette choice combined with intense lighting and the body language of each figure- generating a sense that something is about to happen, even in what might be a completely innocent situation. Vincent says “I look for something gritty, something that may have an intriguing back story, a moment of tension. Something that will make you wonder about these characters. Who are they? What goes on in the moments after the painting?”

Completely self taught, Vincent describes his work as ‘traditional figurative realism’ and has been deeply influenced by the greats such as Rembrandt and Caravaggio and styles like film noir. He has adopted these traditional techniques and taken them to a whole other level by expertly marrying them with these present day scenes.

We are absolutely delighted to be able to present to you the first official release of limited editions from Vincent Kamp, and we hope you are as utterly impressed as we are with these two new works. ‘Thy Barbour’ (RRP £850) and ‘The Gentleman’s and Rogue Club’  (RRP £875) are now available to purchase through our galleries and our website by clicking the images below.



Kamp is now on a journey. moving from one subculture to the next – and we cannot wait to see where it will take him next!

Kindest Regards,

Kelley Davis – Gallery Manager, Robertson Fine Art Edinburgh

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