Collection: Jeni Calvert

Jeni Calvert is a British contemporary painter from the North of England, she has a BA Hons in Creative Arts and has spent nearly 40 years in the creative and fine art business. She is a recent graduate of the Newlyn School of Art Mentoring Course where she attended in 2019 in order the re-evaluate her work within the context of current contemporary practice.

Jen is now developing her painting towards the contemporary sublime inspired by a deep desire to acknowledge her humanitarian background and beliefs, a literal representation of global crisis gives way to expressing an emotional response seeking an illusive combination of factors that takes the viewer beyond paint and canvas to a place of sublime contemplation. She is influenced by artists such as WJM Turner and Mark Rothko and likes the painting process to be challenging combining the jeopardy of dynamic layered paint application with highly observed painted details. Jeni’s work most often features floral imagery a re imagining of traditional floral painting but highly charged with historical symbolism.

In 2022 she embarked on a four year project to consider some of the elements of climate change finding ways to respond to such an apocalyptic forecast with paint. Having completed Ice in 2022 she will be moving on to Fire, Drought and Flood trying to communicate a visual language for her emotional reaction to each subject.

She is a member of XVI Artists and a mentor for Cumbria Arts and Culture Network. Her work can be found in private collections around the world and in Group shows, Galleries and Art Fairs in the UK.