Collection: Paul Oz

Paul shares, "Celebrating everything that I’m a fan of in the world quickly became my thing – no matter how niche some subjects may be. That doesn’t shortcut to the ‘never have to work a day in your life’ thing – but damn sure it means never having to search for inspiration or motivation." Paul's major inspiration is motorsport, and he strives to capture the emotions, heroes, and history of the sport in partnership with teams, sponsors and Formula 1 themselves. 
Paul's paintings can be described as nothing short of explosive. His technique of thick applications of oils generates a 3D appearance to his paintings, transforming them into statues that appear dynamic and alive. His use of home-made neon paint and continued experimentation with unique techniques and materials pushes at the boundaries of painting. 
Within F1 Paul has live painted for Scuderia Ferrari VIP’s in Monaco, with Mercedes AMG Petronas in Barcelona, and has created several portraits for Jenson Button – including one live with McLaren in Abu Dhabi at his last race to celebrate his career. Also creating work personally for Lewis Hamilton, Sir Jackie Stewart, Pirelli – and by both Ayrton Senna and James Hunts families to mark 20 years. Recent shows include ’80’s Kid’ in London, The Art of Star Wars, sell out shows at Abu Dhabi, Mexico City and Singapore F1 weeks. Shown in every Paddock Club on the F1 calendar worldwide. Paul is a longstanding member of the team here at Wishbone Publishing and continues to prove to be a diverse and vibrant addition to our collectable stable of British artists.