Collection: Ron Lawson

Ron Lawson was brought up on a farm in Midlothian. At only 16 years old, Lawson started his career at an art studio in Dundee belonging to DC Thomson publishers. After 34 years of developing his own style of cool colour palettes and remote locations unique to Scotland, Lawson left DC Thomson in 2010 to focus solely on his own career as an artist.
Ron explains: "What I try to capture in my work is a feeling. I want the viewer to imagine they’re standing right there in that view. Perhaps walking up a beach, over rocks or maybe sitting enjoying the peace and quiet." Ron visits many of the most remote and picturesque locations north of the border in order to perfectly illustrate the feelings of pure tranquillity his works evoke including Tiree, Barra and Harris amongst others. He says "Whilst my work is obviously an interpretation, it’s pleasing that so many people are taken right to the location and feel the peaceful calmness."
Lawson uses watercolour, requiring a good deal of skill to manipulate correctly and leaving little room for errors, and gouache to add more opaque colours to his art. Lawson’s distinct slate grey skies have become somewhat of a trademark for him. Ron uses the Scottish Highlands and Outer Hebrides to showcase the beautiful scenes that can be found in Scotland. With a lot of viewers resonating with the area or enjoying the calmness portrayed so clearly in his work, it’s unsurprisingly that these scenes can now be found hanging across the globe!