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Lost In The Shadows (Lost Boys) by JJ Adams

Lost In The Shadows (Lost Boys) by JJ Adams

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Title: Lost In The Shadows

Artist: JJ Adams

Approx Image Size: 30" x 24"

Approx Framed Size: 41" x 35"

Edition Size: 95 + 10AP's

Medium: Signed Limited Edition on Paper


The very mysterious 'Lost in The Shadows'  - focusing around the teen vampire cult classic ' The Lost Boys' and JJ creates his well known 'poster' style to set the tone of the work.  As to be expected, it features all the instantly recognisable characters, and the classic red Honda XL 250 takes center stage here. On the Motorcycle are a pair of sunglasses, that belong to the one of the main characters Michael Emerson and it is also Michael's shadow that appears in the foreground of the image. To the side of his silhouette lies an empty takeaway noodle box - referencing one of Michael's most memorable moments in the film at his initiation, where David makes him think he's eating boxes of maggots and earthworms whilst exclaiming  'They're only noodles Michael!' It soon becomes obvious to Michael that the gang are more than just reckless, they’re lifeless.
You may also spot the name 'Santa Clara' etched into the body of the motorcycle - this the fictional coastal town where The Lost Boys is set in America. (The Lost Boys was in fact shot in Santa Cruz in California)
The headline for the poster 'Say Hello To The Night' is a verse in Lou Gramm's 'Lost In The Shadows' - the name of the soundtrack to the film which also makes up the title of the piece. The text beside it refers to a notable phrase made by David in the film when he says "You don’t have to beat me, Michael. Just try and keep up".
Some little gems that may be more difficult to spot here is firstly the Windex spray bottle peeking out from the front wheel of the chopper - which makes light of the scene in the film when Sam and Michael's Grandpa hilariously swaps aftershave for the cleaning product. The second one is the familiar face emerging from the gloomy background on the left hand side.. it's the face of Jim Morrison that appears as a poster in the Lost Boys cave, but what connection does Jim Morrison have to this film I hear you say? Well a little known fact is Jim Morrison originally recorded the song 'People Are Strange' with the Doors, prior to the Echo and the Bunnymen version which ended up in the final edit up of the film. 

Here at Robertson Fine Art we are proud to be one of JJ Adams foremost recognised dealerships in the world, having worked with JJ for many years we have built up a fantastic knowledge of both current and previous releases and have gained an enviable relationship with one of the most sought after UK artists working right now. We work very close with both JJ Adams and his agents to provide a service that is second to none, we have worked on many private commissions both for the galleries and for private clients and welcome any new enquiries for original commissioned work from JJ Adams. Please contact us here to discuss: 

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