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Postman Patrick by JJ Adams

Postman Patrick by JJ Adams

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Title: Postman Patrick

Artist: JJ Adams

Approx Image Size: 30" x 24"

Approx Framed Size: 41" x 35"

Edition Size: 95 + 10AP's

Medium: Signed Limited Edition on Paper


This wouldn't be a proper JJ Adams collection without a sprinkling of one or two 'Rule Britannia' themed works... and this one is undoubtedly highlighting our key British postal service and courier company, who have been operating for over 500 years and are now more than ever considered particularly vital given our current climate. The Royal Mail red post box is somewhat of a conventional sight now across Britain and just like our red telephone boxes have become especially iconic - so it wouldn't have been long before we saw JJ make this a focal point for one of his works. Actually, this work is quite reminiscent of JJ's earlier 'London's Calling' -  and in fact, the placement seems to be just in front of the exact wall on Downing Street (although in this particular image he has, rather comically, included the letter R above the signage in order to transform it into 'Drowning Street') You will also see his classic 'It's Not Cheap' and 'Welcome To London' slogans dotted around, as well as the iconic 'Love is Like Punk, Not Dead' scribbled in black paint. This time however, it's crossed out and instead has been changed to 'Love Is Dead, Unlike Punk' - Sham 69 (Sham 69 being a British Punk Rock band who interestingly got their name from a piece of graffiti wall art)

Ok, ok so I know you're probably asking, but what about the main feature in among all of this?! Don't worry everyone, I haven't forgotten about the most famous fictional postman peering out from the letter box... Yeah, we've found you Pat... and your black and white cat! What's he doing in there though? He could be trying to hide from 2020 so far (as I imagine many of us would like to)... or maybe it's because back in 2000 Royal Mail actually sacked him from his duties. Well, not so much 'sack' per say as, you know, hes not a real person,  but it did come to light that after 20 years of service they had made the decision to no longer use Pat to promote their business after stating he no longer fit in with the company's "corporate image." Whatever the reasoning behind it may be, it seems Pat's used his own set of keys to stuff himself into that post box and they all appear to be attached to a Mickey Mouse key chain. This is possibly to make light of the fact that back in 2005, Postman Pat was sold to the Japanese division of the Disney Channel. Postman Pat is not the only famous British character to feature in this work either... down on the right hand side you will notice Danger Mouse speeding of a drain his yellow car and on even closer inspection, a little Morph waving out from the corner. This is available in both a standard and a special 'Rainbow Edition'

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