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Original The Choices We Make by Katie Alize

Original The Choices We Make by Katie Alize

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Title:  The Choices We Make 

Artist: Katie Alize

Medium:  multilayer original resin and mixed media on an aluminium museum grade art panel 

Size: 130 cm x 60 cm

Price: £2,600

*PLEASE NOTE: Katie's rectangular works are produced to hang in both landscape and portrait orientations


To respresent the choices we make through life that affect the relationships and friendships we have, Katie created pathways across this piece using gold, hand painted white and iridescent dots and resin detailed lines. All of these paths were intentionally created, some ending suddenly, some stopping and starting, some fading and some continuing across the entire piece. The piece is entirely green to symbolise life and calmness, to remain calm despite the choices we make and to trust in lifes path, bringing the deeper concept together with the colour.

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