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Savage Beauty Lenticular by Gary James McQueen

Savage Beauty Lenticular by Gary James McQueen

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Title: Savage Beauty

Artist: Gary James McQueen

Image Size: 120cm x 90cm

Framed Size: 135cm x 105cm

Medium: Signed Limited Edition Transient Lenticular

Edition Size: 75

Price: £4,995


The lenticular artwork is comprised of two separate images: a personal
portrait of Alexander McQueen taken by Gary (2008) in the McQueen
studio and a golden skull artwork. Photo-manipulated images of Tower
Bridge encapsulate the very heart of London within the DNA of the
artwork, allowing for a highly graphic presentation of the late Alexander
McQueen framed within this striking visual narrative. The skull symbol has
become synonymous with the Alexander McQueen name making "Savage
Beauty" a highly desirable and iconic piece of McQueen imagery.
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