Robertson Fine Art's Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide!

Robertson Fine Art's Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide!

Every year Mother's Day comes around and if you are like me, every year it gets more and more difficult to find the perfect gift to sum up exactly how much she means to you. I mean really..  what do you get the lady who literally gave you life, fed you, raised you and now is your emotional support on a daily basis?!  
It's hard to find a thoughtful Mother's Day gift that's not just flowers, but at Robertson Fine Art we believe we might just have the answer - art. (I know I know, this coming from us sounds a little biased... but just bear with me here) Art is the ideal surprise for mothers, grandmothers, cat/dog mums, whatever the case may be, because it's something that they will cherish forever. They get the opportunity to look at it every day and be reminded of that special bond the two of you share and you get the chance to showcase how well you know them by selecting something that completely fits with their personality and their taste in decor. Whether she's the outdoorsy type, an animal lover or a movie fanatic - we believe we have something to suit and to save you the time scrolling through our website.. we have come up with some 'top picks' for this Sunday the 27th of March - that are sure to put a smile on mum's face. 
We will start off with my very own tried and test option - Katy Jade Dobson! My own mum has one of Katy's work hanging proudly in her living room and to say she loves it... well, that is the understatement of the century. Katy paints bright, bold and eye catching works of a range of floral and wildlife subject matters and so these are the perfect match for any mothers who love animals or have green fingers.
Magenta - £195
Not your typical Mother's Day flowers... but they will last a whole lot longer! 
Dark Aura - £395 
An exclusive edition of just 10 - a sure way to make her feel that extra bit special. 
Speaking of bright and bold paintings... another artist who comes to mind when considering the perfect gift for Mother's day is Lynn Rodgie! Her stunning, vibrant and heavily textured original oil paintings showcase scenes of the west coast, Edinburgh and even parts of Fife. Most of Lynn's work vary in sizes and priced between £695 to around £2,995 - so hopefully something to suit a range of budgets. 
Nightlife, Princes Street - £1,695
If she loves the big lights and city life or a day wandering round the shops in Edinburgh, then this Lynn Rodgie is the perfect match. 
If your mum is the outdoorsy type but bold bright colours just aren't her scene, then a limited edition work by Scottish artist Ron Lawson may put a smile on her face. With their cool tones, these wonderfully serene depictions of the Hebrides fit flawlessly into the more neutral of settings and are priced between £195 for a smaller work and £895 for the large scale editions. 
Calling Me Back - £295

 A cottage fit for any mum... even in the middle of nowhere there does of course, still need to be telephone access. 


For the mum's who are film fanatics or music lovers, there are plenty of options with JJ Adams.  

Dirty Dancing... This has got to be in pretty much every mother's list of all time greatest romantic movies, right? (I know it's definitely in my mum's) 'Come Here Lover Boy' is JJ's cool and edgy take on the classic, so if you think she'd like to wake up to a tattooed Patrick Swayze every day - then this is the one for her. Available in both black and white and colour versions. 


Come Here Lover Boy £595


Mr Controversial creates all too relatable quotes about life and often features beautiful and confident females in his works of art - making them ideal for mum. 

 No Amount of Concealer £385-£945 

What mother hasn't taken the risk on quickly turning her back to pop on a bit of lippy.. only to turn around 5 minutes later and discover that total chaos has ensued? (I told you, all too relatable)


  And last but not least.. Mother's day is a cause for celebration, right? So what about a bottle of bubbly, but not as you know it. If your mum is partial to some of the finer things in life then the amazing 'No Pain Champagne'  by Emma Gibbons is the one for her. 

 No Pain Champagne Multicolour £1,995

Champagne without the hangover.. any ladies dream.


Mother's Day Sunday the 27th Of March 2022. Call us on 0131 285 0695 to discuss gift options (we also gift wrap works collected locally!) 


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