Collection: Katie Alize

Katie Alize, 28, is an experienced abstract artist based in Essex, UK, known for her organic abstract interpretations of nature and the human experience. Specialising in resin and mixed media, she uses up to 20 different art mediums that she has taught herself in pursuit of her signature style of work. Katie began experimenting with resin in 2016, her ambition and drive has led her to develop and evolve her work into the refined and organic style you see today. She has sold 600 original artworks all over the world, and has had the pleasure of working with world renowned brands and venues such as Elemis, Fairmont Hotels, Fontainebleau Las Vegas, Kevin Barry Art Advisory and Jacksons Art. 

Katies explores themes of colour psychology, mental health, personal evolution, body image and relationships, fusing these themes with her interest in how patterns found in nature have a mood lifting and healing effect on the mind. 

‘I want viewers to fully explore each piece, as if they are exploring a place they have never been. Taking in every detail, colour and texture, while evoking conversations from the concepts behind each piece.’