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School Walker by JJ Adams

School Walker by JJ Adams

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School Walker by JJ Adams

EDITION OF 95 + 10 AP's
IMAGE SIZE: 30" x 20"
FRAMED SIZE: 42" x 32"

PRICE: £595

Price inclusive of Framing


JJ's Hidden Gems

We took a more detailed look at probably one of the most intricate works of the new collection - 'School Walker'! So sit back and enjoy all the hidden messages and details in this one, because this is jam-packed with them.

Star Wars fans will rejoice everywhere to see this work as part of JJ's latest series... as it has been quite some time since he worked on a piece which is inspired by the cult - and boy is this a good one to come back with! The image illustrates a little boy strolling through an estate, deep in thought - but as you begin to inspect closer it all starts to become more obvious. Recognise the boy? Well he also appears in 'Britannia Row' and also you will find him sitting on the top deck of the bus in 'Route Master'. You may also notice Yoda chilling on his backpack and... is that a ball he's kicking along the road? No, it's BB8!

The boy is dreaming up the most iconic scene in all of Star Wars history - when Luke meets his dad for the first time. And almost like he knows exactly what's on this little boy's mind .. you will spot Darth Vadars Tie Fighter creeping up from behind the wall.

Of course this can't be a JJ Adams Star Wars piece without a few Storm Troopers, can it? And you will see them appearing in both the corners of the image. As we move along the image you will spot a light saber on the pathway - and signs like 'No MIND Games allowed in this area' . There is also a graffiti stencil of Leia posting a letter into an R2D2 post box, plastered to the wall - relating back to a print that JJ gave-away to all of his buyers at the Manchester Buy Art Fair in 2014.

In the center of the image you will see the door to the 'Estate Office', but all is not as it seems.... Someone has cheekily scored out the sign saying 'Polling Station' and altered it to 'That's no moon...It's a Station' A big clue as to what is really lurking behind. The hall way leading from the door looks familiar too, and all this seems to be leading us into the Empire’s ultimate weapon: a moon-sized space station with the ability to destroy an entire planet - the Death Star!

As we move over to the right of the image we see Emperor Palpatine, probably scheming away in the corner. Many may wonder why Palpatine is wearing a 'Mercedes-Benz' chain around his neck, which might relate back to May 2017 when Mercedes Japan released two limited Edition Star Wars themed CLA cars! There is also a stamp of Mickey Mouse on the wall which symbolizes Disney - who bought over the Star Wars franchise back in 2012 for a whopping $4 billion!

There is also some nosey parkers peeking out of their windows getting a glimpse of the scene unfolding. We couldn't resist asking JJ who these ladies were behind the blinds, to which JJ replied 'The old lady is “Iris” who maintains my website ( from a remote station in the outer rim) and the other is a secret '

There is soooo much in this image it's just impossible to cover everything - but we have tried our best to get through all the very best bits we can find in this incredible work!


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