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Self Made Man II (Metalic) by Richard Blunt

Self Made Man II (Metalic) by Richard Blunt

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Artist: Richard Blunt

Title: Self Made Man II

Medium: Signed Limited Edition Limited-Edition 18crt Gold Leaf Embellishments

Edition Size: 25

Framed in Faux Leather Wrapped Moulding

Framed Size: 22" x 22" (Approx.)

Price: £385

The “Self Made Man” is a man who in times of difficulty, knows and finds his own strength regardless of his circumstances. Owing little to birth, relationships or friendly surroundings he has attained knowledge, usefulness, power and position. Learning from his own mistakes, he knows who he is and gives his all, with or without the aid of any favouring conditions. 

As Frederick Douglass once said; “The man who will get up will be helped up; and the man who will not get up will be allowed to stay down". Put simply; “If he cannot stand up, let him fall down." Richard Blunt


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